Spooktacular Halloween!

With Halloween just around the corner, our Events Planner – Hettie Scholes has been busy planning a Halloween spooktacular and has some ghoulishly good tips to share.

Top Halloween Themed Dishes

 Petrifying Pulled Pork Tartlet

Using your own favourite recipes, fill short crust pastry cases with delicious pulled pork, add lashings of gory red barbecue sauce and top with an olive spider – half an olive for its body and extra slices for the legs.

Spooky Spiced Pumpkin Mash

Roast the pumpkin whole, blitz the flesh in the blender with your favourite spices. Place into a round bowl adding two cherry tomatoes for blood red eyes, each with a clove for the pupil and a ghoulish smile made from a charred red pepper.

Corps-ish Cocktails:

Ghoultini – A deliciously moreish drink, pure and tropical, of coconut, lychee and lime with wyborowa vodka

 Vampire Kiss – crushed blackberries and raspberries are muddles with fresh lime, shaken with Stolichnya vodka and Crème de Framboise and served over crushed ice.

  Corpse Reviver – Pomegranate cranberry and raspberry are shaken with lots of ice and a hint of pomegranate Molasses for a jewel-like refresher.


Make a DIY ice-cooler from a hollowed out pumpkin and a Pyrex bowl filled with ice and add beers and wines or perhaps a mashed-up vodka jelly in a lurid red, adding a tin or lychees as eyeballs!

Kitch-up the Décor:

Drape the ceilings and walls with black and orange backdrops and hide carved pumpkin lanterns in the corners.

Use jam jars covered in leaves or glitter to make ghostly patterns and slot in long-lasting night lights.

Raid your local bargain shops for fun ready-made ceiling sized spiders and make up a table filled with old (clean) meat bones, empty bottles, cobwebs and spiders. A skull or two won’t go a miss either.

Terrify the bathroom

Make a sound loop of ghostly moans and hideous screams and hide a loud speaker in the loo. Guaranteed to spook every unsuspecting guest.

Hope you have a Happy Halloween! 



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